TAC1 Recordings

Date Teams Result
Q3 - 2000 [DkB] vs [GEN] Genesis 3-0
09.09.2000 [DkB] vs [SPAM] The Killer Elite 2-0
09.24.2000 [DkB] vs ^v^ The Murderous Crows 2-0
11.18.2000 [DkB] vs ^v^ The Murderous Crows 2-1
12.16.2000 [DkB] vs [DOM] The Dominion 2-1
12.22.2001 [DkB] vs =PX= The Phoenix Wing 2-0
04.05.2003 [DkB] vs =PX= The Phoenix Wing 3-0
Q1 - 2001 TAC Tournament 2001 6-9 Record
01.13.2001 [DkB] vs =SE= The Screamin' Eagles 0-3
01.20.2001 [DkB] vs =V= The Valkyrie Squadron 0-3
01.27.2001 [DkB] vs [DOM] The Dominion 0-3
02.10.2001 [DkB] vs [FART] The Ol' Timers 3-0
02.17.2001 [DkB] vs [RD] The Rogue Disciples 3-0
Q2 - 2002 TAC Tournament 2002 12-3 Record
04.12.2002 [DkB] vs <AK> The Aerial Killers 1-2
04.20.2002 [DkB] vs =PX= The Phoenix Wing 2-1
05.10.2002 [DkB] vs =WiZ= The Wizards 3-0
06.01.2002 [DkB] vs =V= The Valkyrie Squadron 3-0
06.21.2002 [DkB] vs [SPAM] The Killer Elite 3-0
Q3 - 2003 TAC Tournament 2003 2-1 Record
08.09.2003 [DkB] vs .dg Dreams of Glass 2-1

TAC Tournament 2001:
DkB played in a tournament dubbed the "Australian Round Robin" for obvious reasons. It consisted of five rounds of matches with the Australian TAC clans. Pings were harsh to us, however, we endured them and came away with two hard-fought victories. While overall we had a losing record, the experience we got out of this proved to be beneficial down the road.

TAC Tournament 2002:
This was TAC's second major tournament, based on a round robin system. It consisted of five matches against the various American and European clans (and a lone-ranger Australian clan :). On the verge of retirement throughout the tournament, we managed to obtain 2nd place with a rather shaky roster. In fact, we only lost the tournament by one point!

TAC Tournament 2003:
This was TAC's third major tournament, based on a round robin system. Unfortunatly this tournament was ended prematurely after the first round. Please read the details of the DkB vs .dG match for an explanation.


Video Provided By: DesertWolf

Video Provided By: DesertWolf